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    SynMatrix is a cloud-based solution to help engineers and technicians automate RF component development.

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Accelerating the complex RF engineering design, tuning, and measurement process.

Automate your design

Use ML algorithms and out-of-box, ready-to-use engineering tools to accelerate your design time.

Automate measurement

Use computer-aided tuning tools to rapidly reduce a process that is time-intensive and requires special technician expertise.

Cloud-based solution

No complicated installs or licensing. Secure your design data, and access it from any device. Get platform updates, forever.

Superior User experience

A comprehensive, online microwave component toolset designed for RF engineers and technicians.


SynMatrix can be used to design RF/microwave component across many different industries including telecommunications, space exploration, medical and military applications.

5G networks, Smart Cities

Marine and Mobile Radio Telephony

Mobile Phones


Radio Astronomy

Communication Satellites,
Satellite TV Broadcasting

Aircraft-Aircraft Communications

Military Ops


The SynMatrix cloud solution can be used for various structures.
Cavity filter
LTCC chip design
Ceramic filter
Microstrip filter
Low-pass coaxial
  • The software is extremely useful for engineers and researchers. The software works superbly well for cavity filter design. Thank you for the wonderful support and great software :)
    - Senior Engineer from a Canadian technology company
  • Synmatrix shortened my development time and greatly enhanced my design capabilities.
    - Senior Engineer from a global technical company
  • I really believe this software would be a helpful method for optimizing a cavity filter in HFSS.
    - Senior Engineer
  • Your software is very powerful and easy to use. The coupling matrix extraction function is more accurate and faster than any other software in the market!
    - Design Engineering company
  • Your software is very easy to use. It really is a helpful tool for my research work.
    - Researchers from an International University