Full Stack Software Engineer

Effective date: February 1, 2019

Job Title: Full Stack Software Engineer (Based in Toronto, Ontario)

We are seeking a full-time software engineer with the desire, commitment and work ethic to develop and maintain our web-based applications. You'll play a key role in building and shaping our platform on both front-end and back-end for varieties of features to ensure the quality and time to market for each release.

If you are energetic, goal-oriented, creative, and experienced in software development, you may be eligible to become a member of our team.

Job Description
  • Build and maintain our current and under-development web-based application Work with other designers to develop front-end features on our current platform through entire R&D cycle from design to implementation and official release
  • Develop server-side tools and client-side interfaces and libraries
  • Architect and deploy new infrastructures to support our platform and services
  • Migrate from prototypes to robust production build/release and keep prototype constantly evolving and improvement of the tools and products based on the product roadmap
  • Work closely with other teams for potential joint projects and technical support.
Desired Skills & Experience
  • Minimum 3 years experiences with Python, JavaScript , HTML5 markup-accessible, CSS3 (Less), AngularJS knowledge / working knowledge and web-based UI development
  • Experience with Single Page Applications, webpack and some necessary skills for web-based application
  • Experience with back-end tools like bitbucket, Azure and AWS
  • Experience with .NET Core Knowledge. REST WebAPI, MySQL Database
  • Able to write clean, well-structured, commented code and documentation
  • Experience with deploying scalable software
  • Machine Learning knowledge and skill are plus

  • Send your applications to careers[at]synmatrixtech.com