Introducing Waveguide Support for Automatic 3D Modelling in Ansys HFSS

The new 3D modelling waveguide package is a design workflow that uses automation to help build 3D waveguide filters. The new function supports rectangular and cylinder waveguides and guides the user through single resonator modelling and analysis, coupling schemes modelling and analysis, and finally a fully customized 3D modeling GUI interface.

Cylinder waveguide.jpg

Mode Chart

Waveguide modes describe the field pattern characteristic under the particular waveguide structure. It analyzes the transverse hybrid modes, either TE or TM, to determine the widest range of dimensions that meets the user’s desired operating bands. Through the mode chart analysis, users will quickly retrieve the correct waveguide dimension to obtain the widest “clean” frequency window.

Single Resonator Features

  • Different resonator types are available for rectangular and cylindrical waveguides
  • Mode chart analysis and system-aided ‘best dimension’ recommendation
  • Thermal drift analysis based on user-defined parameters
  • Easy HFSS simulation setup including mesh refinement
  • Parametric study using key variables

Coupling Scheme Features

  • Flexible coupling schemes definition allow users to customize the coupling structure
  • Parametric study to analyze the coupling coefficient
  • Regression analysis to obtain the coupling dimension value


  • Group delay method to analyze the input and output performance
  • Customize the port interface by selecting different waveguide sizes
  • Parametrized modeling allow users to modify the structures manually
  • Parametric study analysis for key variables

001 - Topology image.jpg

Full 3D Modelling

  • Uniform & non-uniform cavity size definition
  • Fully customized tuning screw position definition
  • Coupling slot rotation definition
  • Add Transmission zero slots and customize them
  • Add Transmission zero irises and customize them
  • Easily drag and rotate the layout design in the GUI interface
  • Seamless HFSS data transfer with automatic 3D modelling completed in seconds

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