Q1 2021 Product Update

SynMatrix releases quarterly product updates that offers users the latest features and capabilities.

Q2 2021 product updates are summarized as follows:

  • Coupling matrix synthesis and CAT support for Band Stop, Low Pass, and Multiband Filters. Includes arbitrary topology setup with user-defined transmission zeros positioning
  • Low Pass Filter features automatic modelling function integrated with HFSS
  • Additional VNA support for real-time tuning
  • Release of our local desktop application

Low Pass Filter
  • Supports four practical step impedance coaxial structures
  • Offers direct dimension synthesis and features automatic model generation in HFSS
  • Calculates both circuit model and physical dimensions
  • Provides the generic model-based optimizer to match with the EM simulation low pass 4 types blog.png

Band Stop Filter
  • Coupled resonant solution
  • Supports “Cul-De-Sac” and “Folded” topologies with different coupling matrix formats
  • Flexible design to support both inductive and capacitive ¼ wavelength-end loading structure

band stop blog.png

Multi-band Filter
  • Support dual-band and triple-band coupling matrix synthesis with arbitrary topology setting
  • Supports symmetric and asymmetric RF performance
  • Flexible transmission zero positioning

multi band blog.png

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