Sep 2020 Microwave Journal Technical Feature

We were featured in Microwave Journal's Sep 2020 issue! Here is an excerpt of the technical feature:

With emerging fifth generation (5G) cellular communication systems, the demand for passive components is driving the growth of massive MIMO and carrier aggregation technologies. With this growth, microwave filters are faced with a number of technical challenges including miniature sizing with a demand for better electromagnetic performance such as lower passband loss, sharper skirts and higher isolation without increasing manufacturing costs. Ceramic waveguide filter design using different dielectric materials is well researched.1, 2 More recently, Afridi et al.3 studied miniaturization by using evanescent modes to provide a wide spurious-free window. Compared to a traditional metallic or dielectric resonator filter, the ceramic-filled waveguide filter offers lower loss, higher power handling capability and a wider spurious-free window while also meeting miniature size requirements. In this article, we describe a procedure to design a dielectric-filled waveguide filter using advanced computer-aided tuning techniques.

To read the full article, visit the Technical Feature section in the Sep 2020 issue.

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