Synmatrix offers powerful tools and features to help improve and accelerate RF component design, measurement and manufacturing.

  • Design
  • Simulation
  • Tuning

Design Features

SynMatrix offers a variety of design and analysis tools for complex engineering. Band pass filter or Diplexer synthesize, coupling matrix extraction, and dispersive effect analysis are a sampling of features that are available.

PF/Diplexer/LPF design studio

Arbitrary Topology Definition

Stored Energy & Peak Power Handling Prediction

Thermal shift analysis and design margin prediction

Dispersive effects simulator

Fine tuning function

SNP file export/import

Specification Evaluation

Uniform and non Uniform Unload Q

Monte-carlo analysis

Coupling Matrix Optimization

Simulation and Intelligent tuning system

ML algorithms are used to incorporate the dispersive effect and spurious prediction to eliminate repetitive, time-consuming processes. This yields faster, more accurate designs, and lowers your development cost by shortening the overall product development cycle.

Intelligent P/F Spec Indicator

AI-cored Intelligent automate tuning

Advanced space mapping system

Computer-Aided Tuning Tools

Dispersive Prediction and Control

Precise Extraction and Control