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Here is a collection of all the supporting documentation for SynMatrix. For more detailed support documentation and application notes, please create an account and go to the e-library (located on the side menu bar).

Design of an 11-Pole BPF Using Cascaded Triplets of TM010 Mode Dielectric Ring Resonators

SynMatrix has been used as a tool in another published research paper. Read the abstract here.

SynMatrix Technical Notes: Computer-Aided Tuning
Application Notes

Case Study: Computer Aided Tuning

How To Register and Apply for a Trial Licence
Getting Started

Follow the following tutorial to learn how to create a free account and apply for a trial licence.

Real-time filter tuning workflow for 5G and mmWave applications
Videos and Webinars

Rohde & Schwarz and SynMatrix recently teamed up to offer a complete test and tuning solution for 5G and mmWave applications. It is a powerful solution for RF engineers and technicians who want to test and tune their design quickly and accurately. It is also a tool that can be used on the manufacturing line as a 100% or audit inspection tool to monitor quality yield during volume runs.

Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Started

A summary of some of the most frequently asked questions about SynMatrix.

SynMatrix Product Sheet
Sales Brochures

SynMatrix Product Brochure

Product Features Comparison
Sales Brochures

Sep 2020 Microwave Journal Technical Feature

With emerging fifth generation (5G) cellular communication systems, the demand for passive components is driving the growth of massive MIMO and carrier aggregation technologies. With this growth, microwave filters are faced with a number of technical challenges including miniature sizing...

Neural network of calibrated coarse model and application to substrate integrated waveguide filter design

In this article, we propose a novel neural network of calibrated coarse model, which can obtain the optimal filter response with as little training data as possible to synthesize the entire substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) filter...

The SynMatrix Test and Measurement Tuning Module
Videos and Webinars

It is with great anticipation and excitement that we announce our latest major feature, the Test and Measurement Tuning Module.

Webinar: Designing 5G and mmWave Components Using the SynMatrix AI Design Platform
Videos and Webinars

We had the opportunity to work with Ansys who hosted the webinar, "Designing 5G and mmWave Components Using the SynMatrix AI Design Platform". Here is an excerpt of the webinar description:

"Explore the microwave filter design process for mmWave and 5G band requirements in this webinar. Starting with a set of specification requirements, we will take you step-by-step to a fully tuned filter design. SynMatrix, a RF passive component design platform, will be used to design mm-Wave and 5G components. This design platform combines proprietary machine learning algorithms with decades of experience i...

May 2020 Microwave Journal Product Feature

We were featured in Microwave Journal's May 2020 issue. Check us out here in the Product Feature.

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