Webinar: Designing 5G and mmWave Components Using the SynMatrix AI Design Platform

We had the opportunity to work with Ansys who hosted the webinar, "Designing 5G and mmWave Components Using the SynMatrix AI Design Platform". Here is an excerpt of the webinar description:

"Explore the microwave filter design process for mmWave and 5G band requirements in this webinar. Starting with a set of specification requirements, we will take you step-by-step to a fully tuned filter design. SynMatrix, a RF passive component design platform, will be used to design mm-Wave and 5G components. This design platform combines proprietary machine learning algorithms with decades of experience in RF/microwave component R&D.

The webinar will cover a disruptive microwave design process, showcase a single workflow with HFSS integration, and will use three use case examples to help illustrate the AI-optimized design workflow."

To see the webinar recording, go here.

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