Frequently Asked Questions

Is SynMatrix only available on the cloud?

No. SynMatrix is now available in two formats: cloud or local desktop solution. The local desktop solution is enabled via a dongle security device and is computer-locked to one computer. For more details, contact us directly at or contact one of our channel partners that support your region.

I get a blank white screen suddenly when using SynMatrix. It was working before. What happened?

Check to make sure your organization has not changed any firewall or security settings. The SynMatrix Cloud licence requires access to the internet and if new FW rules were implemented, it might be blocking access to the cloud system.

Do I need HFSS to run SynMatrix?

No. Users will still be able to use the synthesis and computer-aided tuning modules if they are using other 3rd party EM simulation software. See following Microwave Journal article to see these modules in action. That said, users will not be able to use the Intelligent Tuning modules (AI optimizer or Custom optimizer with space mapping) without Ansys HFSS.

Why am I being logged out automatically as a cloud user?

As per the SynMatrix cloud user policy, only one user may be used for each paid user account. SynMatrix checks to ensure that each paid user account is only allowed to be logged in from one location at a time. If you find yourself being logged automatically, check to ensure that no one else is usingyour account at the same time.

During the AI run process, the system gets interrupted and I get logged out. How do I fix this?

Check to ensure your internet connection is stable throughout the AI run process. Also ensure that your computer system itself does not run into a deep sleep that can cause the process to stop and force the user to start over.

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