Introducing AI-tuning that runs automatically

It is with great anticipation that we announce one of our differentiating core features on the SynMatrix platform. This has been a direct result of some serious engineering efforts over the past few years and it is with great satisfaction that we release this to our user community.

Advanced Intelligent Tuning and Space Mapping Technique

Using Machine-learning based algorithms, this newly released feature provides a flexible optimizer that accomodates very different applications and structures. It features a Modified Original Space Mapping (MOSM) capability that is both stable and accurate. It also uses an Aggressive Space Mapping (ASM) feature that is fast and efficient.

Experience-based Reinforcement Learning System

A high-efficiency system that eliminates lengthy training processes, uses an advanced curve-fitting method that is both fast and accurate, and features a control system that manages system crashes.


Advanced Non-linear Curve-fitting Algorithm

Introducing a multi-functional polynomial-fitting method and a multi-path finding algorithm to discover the global minimum.


Anti-error Mechanism and Smart Convergent System

An intelligent, converging system that rapidly ensures the quickest convergence to avoid performance oscillation.


HFSS Remote Control and Process Overview Features

Our official HFSS partnership enables users to set up the HFSS analyzer automatically. This integration also allows a user to review the running processes, including dimension and coupling coefficient changes. The system uses a model stabilizer to prevent system crashes and also provides a recommendation for best results


Project Workflow System

To help manage the overall user experience, users can directly import HFSS design files and parameters. Users can utilize a S2P file storage feature and benefit from a Simulation result summary.


To see AI-tuning in action, see our AI-tuning video tutorials.

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