January 2020 New Release Summary

We're super excited to announce a major update to our cloud platform in January 2020. The following are some highlights of this highly-anticipated new rollout.

Faster and more accurate outputs

We've improved the algorithm results enabling the matrix to be extracted in milliseconds.

Predicted Results

Users can now interact with the error bars to see predicted simulation results on the graph in real time.

Improved Specification Analysis Interface

The Specification Analysis function interface has been vastly improved. The user experience is a lot more intuitive and the ease of use has been upgraded to make it easier to receive user inputs.

Dispersive Effect Control

Introducing Dispersive Effect Control, most suitable for waveguide structures, dielectric materials, and wideband applications

Introducing Three Major Matrix Extraction Methods

Introducing three major matrix extraction methods to offer users with additional choices and design flexibility.

The Marker function

The marker function is easy to set up, displays key information, and enables a data sort function.

Track Mode

You can now compare your simulation data with the previous data.

Tool Tips

We've released tool tips to help guide your design, avoid mistakes, and offer on-the-spot help.

More user friendly features

An improved interface is displayed in a dashboard summary and provides overall design information.

Enhanced Security

We've improved our security features to ensure all customer information storage objects and containers are better protected.

Responsive Interface

We've released a responsive interface that adjusts to different desktop screen sizes.

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