Low Pass Filter Design

Low Pass Filter Design Overview

✓Support 4 practical step impedance coaxial structures
✓Offering the direct dimension synthesis & allow to build the model automatically
✓Calculate both circuit model and physical dimension
✓Provide the generic model-based optimizer to match with the EM simulation

4 Practical Engineering Structures

4 things.PNG

s parameter chart.PNG

Step 1: Input the filter specification and synthesis ideal filter performance

filter class.PNG

next one.PNG

Step 2: Define the cavity dimension and obtain “quasi-EM” performance




Step 3: Setup the simulator parameters and run the simulation


  • 1) Go to the “Simulation” page and setup the proper parameters which can link to ANSYS HFSS EM simulator.
    • ✓ Solution Freq
    • ✓ Max. No. of Pass
    • ✓ Max. Delta S
    • ✓Frequency Sweep Method
      • Linear Count or Linear Step
      • Freq Sweep Range
  • 2) Click “Simulation”, the SynMatrix APP will call HFSS to build the model automatically and run the simulation.
  • 3) Be noted that in order to run this simulation, the user needs to download and install the “SynMatrix APP”.


  1. After clicking “Simulation”, the ANSYS HFSS will build the model and run the simulation automatically.
  2. Once the simulation’s done, then the simulated results will be imported to Synmatrix and shown as the black dot curve with legend ‘Sim-S11’, ‘Sim-S21’.

3 op.PNG
Once the optimization is completed, the optimized curve will be returned with legend ‘PL_OPT-S11’, ‘PL_OPT-S21’;

  • The specification analysis only applies for LC lump * element basis curve;
  • Only RL and rejection parameter will be sent to * optimize;
  • User can go to “Simulation” page and click the “Simulation” to update the dimension and re-run the EM simulation
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