Q3 2021 Product Update

Q3 2021 Product Update

We have released the latest product update where both cloud licence and STECS annual maintenance subscribers are eligible for upgrade. Cloud users will see changes immediately upon login (the AI upgrades will only affect those subscribed to our AI licence).

There are two major product function updates for this period:

  • Adding the Time Domain Tuning function
  • Improving our AI and Space mapping workflows and algorithms

Time Domain Tuning

The introduction of our time domain tuning function will provide additional capabilities to both our design computer-aided tuning and test measurement tuning workflows.

Time Domain-3.png

There are three ways users can use the time domain tuning function:

  • Synthesize a golden reference using SynMatrix's synthesis tools.This is the preferred option for topologies that can be synthesized.
  • Import a customized coupling matrix and treat it as the golden reference. This applies for user-customized coupling matrix files or filters (like band stop) that can not be synthesized
  • Import a S2P file.With S2P data, users can treat this as the golden reference and can be the generic tuning application for all passive components including antennas, filters, couplers, etc.

AI and Space Mapping Upgrades

There are two major upgrades that impact the AI and space mapping workflows:

  • Adding the Perturbation System
  • Introducing a supervised deep learning system

Perturbation System

SynMatrix has now added an independent perturbation system that can be used to help improve the optimization workflow.

Perturbation image.jpg

The new workflow allows users to save an independent file for use in both space mapping or AI optimization workflows. It is also reusable for other similar structures using a different frequency plan, which can help save design engineering time.

Supervised Deep Learning System

SynMatrix has improved the AI optimization system with the introduction of a supervised deep learning system with some key features:

Supervised deep learning system.jpg

  • Self-adaptive coupling matrix error correction
  • Significant optimization process improvement
  • Automatically increase the mesh quantites to increase the simulation accuracy

SynMatrix continues to rapidly innovate and enhance the RF filter design experience. For a quick test drive, create an account today.

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