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Here is a collection of all the supporting documentation for SynMatrix. For more detailed support documentation and application notes, please create an account and go to the e-library (located on the side menu bar).

Support Feature 3: CAT Application
Application Notes

Computer aided tuning was introduced first in the satellite filter industry, and has now been widely adopted to the wireless field. It applies systematic approaches based on either reconstruct filter polynomial, curve fitting or by optimization circuit model to fit and match simulation or measurement responses.

Support Feature 2: Dispersion Function
Application Notes

“Dispersion” is defined as the a distortion due to the different group velocity versus frequency, especially for non-TEM propagation structure such as waveguide and microstripe or wideband application.

Support Feature 1: Fine-tune Function
Application Notes

The fine-tune function is a facility tool to allow the user to fine-tune the matrix until all required targets are met. This tuning function can shift the operation frequency up or down while expanding or narrowing the bandwidth by scaling the matrix. Within the tuning process, the designed centre frequency and bandwidth can be kept.

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